CO Gives Day

Schedule your Colorado Gives Day gift to Colorado Water Trust!

One of our generous donors, Green Waves Fund, will double all new and increased gifts this year up to $10,000! Help us meet the match with your new or increased gift today.

Thinking about setting up a Colorado Gives Day page for us?

The following instructions will help you set up your Fundraising Page for Colorado Water Trust. Please contact Megan at if you have any questions.

Just follow these easy steps!

  1. Create a donor account on Colorado Gives (follow the below link to navigate to their site).
  2. Once your account is set up, click “My Account” in the top right hand corner of the page. Then Click on the “My Campaigns” tab at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the Create Campaign button.
  4. Once on the Campaign Creation screen, search for Colorado Water Trust in the “Organizations” field and select us.
  5. Fill out the fields and upload a photo to personalize the campaign.
  6. Set a goal if you choose to(not necessary, but can be helpful if you want a goal to reach). Remember, just $100 raised will get you a poem written about you by the Water Trust river nerds.
  7. Save, preview, and “Submit the Campaign for Approval” when you are ready (note that it takes 24 hours sometimes for Colorado Gives Day to approve the profile).
  8. Share the page once it is published (you’ll receive an email as soon as it’s approved)! You can share the link for your Fundraising Page in an email to your network, on Facebook, or on other social media sites!

Follow this link for further details on how to set up your CO Gives Profile and Fundraising Page.

Thank you for sharing our important work with your network. In order to keep our rivers flowing, we all need to care and we all need to get involved.

On behalf of the team at Colorado Water Trust, we thank you for giving back to your rivers.