Emma explores collaboration in the water world: Part 1

Hi everyone!

My name is Emma Fredricks and I am one of the Fall Communications and Development Interns here at the Colorado Water Trust. I’m currently in my final year as a Environmental Studies major at CU Boulder and am passionate about climate change resilience and environmental conservation. These passions developed out of my childhood in Northern California, most of which was spent exploring the outdoors, and my years leading international youth leadership programs and facilitating community development projects through the organization Amigos de las Americas. My experiences have fostered my sense of agency and desire to work for organizations that I believe have strong values and empowering missions – like the Water Trust. Over the next few weeks, I will be taking these passions and applying them to an interview blog series highlighting different leaders in the Colorado water community and the work that they are doing.

Emma Fredricks

I have had the opportunity to assist in a variety of projects here so far and have learned an incredible amount about the Colorado water conservation world. It has solidified my desire to continue along this path once I graduate and sparked a renewed sense of urgency in my passion for resiliency work. I believe that an important factor of resiliency work is sharing and learning from others in order to have the greatest net impact. If we are all working with the same common goal in mind, collaboration seems to be a key factor in avoiding repeated mistakes and refining successful strategies. I am interested to see how this plays a role in the protection of our wonderful Colorado water resources through conversations with leaders across the state of Colorado.

Personally, I am also excited to learn more about the variety of work that is being done in the state and for the platform to celebrate some of the progress being made, though it may not always be glamorous. I am looking forward to sharing my findings with you all, and hope that you find this as worthwhile and exciting as I do!