Land Trusts and Water

Land Trust Alliance and the Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy have recently unveiled their long-awaited publication, Land Trusts and Water: Strategies and Resources for Addressing Water in Western Land Conservation.

“Land and water are inextricably connected, and protecting one often necessitates protecting the other… This book offers practical tools and resources to help land trusts address water-related conservation values in their private land conservation work.”

– Sarah Bates, Page 1 of Land Trusts and Water

While the publication covers water issues west-wide, a substantial portion of the information is specifically related to Colorado. This rich resource will provide land conservation professionals with the information and strategies they need to conserve both green pastures and blue rivers.

To aid this important effort, Colorado Water Trust provided content for the sourcebook, and Water Trust staff assisted with the publication’s production by providing input and guidance and acting as technical reviewers.

Land Trusts and Water