Leasing water to the river: Colorado Water Trust and World Water Day

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) — Friday is World Water Day.

It is an effort to highlight the importance of fresh water around the world and is observed by the United Nations.

“The Colorado River running through Grand Junction, what would Grand Junction be without it?” Andy Schultheiss said. He’s the Executive Director of the Colorado Water Trust.

Founded in 2018, they’re an arm of the river conservation movement.

“The Colorado River is the mother of all water controversy in the west because there are 40 million people that rely on it,” Schultheiss said.

The Trust buys and leases water to keep it in rivers, often keeping whole stretches of the Colorado River from going dry as a result of overuse or drought.

Now, they’re ramping up an effort that invites water rights owners to voluntarily and temporarily lease their rights, which can allow for restoration projects to get underway…

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Sierra Ferguson
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