Not all of Colorado’s rivers flow. Colorado’s semi-arid climate, diversions for agricultural and municipal uses, and complex water law system all contribute to rivers with diminished streamflow – or no streamflow at all.  This has important consequences for animals and the environment, and Coloradoans.

The Colorado Water Trust works within Colorado’s water allocation system to find creative and sustainable solutions to restore and protect flows on our state’s rivers for a sustainable water future in Colorado. Often, this work is done in partnership with the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Instream Flow Program.

We have three main programs:

Water Rights Solutions

Water Rights Solutions include purchasing or leasing water rights to restore flows to dry rivers, coordinating water-sharing agreements, and establishing other innovative partnerships with water users throughout the state.

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions include lining ditches, removing old dams, and installing low flow channels.

Consulting Services

We provide Consulting Services to all kinds of water users interested in restoring and protecting streamflows on their local rivers.