Project Active

2014 – Present

Maroon Creek – Stapleton Brothers Ditch

This Trust Agreement with Pitkin County improves flows in the Roaring Fork River Basin.

Through 2022, the Stapleton Ditch Project has restored over

billion gallons


of water to Maroon Creek.

How Did This Project Come to Us?:

Colorado Water Trust was invited in 2001 to discuss Pitkin County’s opportunities to utilize their water rights to improve flows in the Roaring Fork Basin. Eventually, these exploratory discussions, coupled with the passage of new laws (House Bill 08-1280) led to the signing of an innovative agreement between the Water Trust, the County, and the Colorado Water Conservation Board in 2008.

Tools Used:

Instream Flow Water Acquisition – Long Term Lease (This agreement allows Pitkin County to protect up to 3.83 cfs of water in the river, boosting flows through Maroon Creek, a tributary to the Roaring Fork River)

Project Partners:

Colorado Water Conservation Board, Pitkin County, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Bishop-Brogden Associates Inc (Project Consultants)

Project Years:

The agreement for this project was signed in 2013. The project has restored flows to the river since 2014.

  • Photo Credit: Brian Epstein

Click here for a beautiful photo story of our Maroon Creek project

Use the flow dashboard below to learn about the operations of the Stapleton Ditch project, and just how much water has been restored to Maroon Creek over the project’s lifetime. Just click or hover over the graphs below to learn more!

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