Project Active:


Deep Creek – Yost Ditch

This short-term lease of water rights for instream flow use near Dotsero, Colorado increases flows in a unique mountain stream during dry years
Through 2020, the Yost Ditch/Deep Creek Project restored over

million gallons


of water to Deep Creek during a critical time in a drought year.

How Did This Project Come to Us?: 

Colorado Water Trust received an offer through the 2012 Request For Water program, from a ditch on Deep Creek, that could help support the river’s instream flow water right which was not being met.

Tools Used:

Instream Flow Water Acquisition – Temporary Loan (Part of a water right from the Coyote River Ranch is used to boost the instream flow right instead of being diverted for irrigation)

Project Partners:

Colorado Water Conservation Board, Coyote River Ranch, Leonard Rice Engineers and Chris Romeyn (Project Consultants), Rapid Engineering (Project Consultant)

Project Years:

This lease was created through the 2012 Request for Water program.


Photo Credit: Colorado Water Trust Staff

Use the flow dashboard below to learn about the operations of the Yost Ditch project, and just how much water has been restored to Deep Creek over the project’s lifetime. Just click or hover over the graphs below to learn more!

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