RiverBank Olympics

2nd Annual RiverBank Olympics


Join us for a fun week of events and maybe even earn yourself a spot on our podium!

Join the RiverBank Olympics 2021 Facebook Group

A Guide to Earning Olympic Points (and a spot on our podium!):


  1. Join the Official 2021 RiverBank Olympics Facebook Page
  2. Like the Colorado Water Trust Facebook Page and sign up for a virtual ticket in our RiverBank OneCause portal in order to qualify for prizes. 
  3. Start completing events!
      • A full list of Olympic Events can be found at the top of the Olympics Facebook page or below.
      • Once you have completed an event, you must create a Facebook post that shows your completion of the event (a picture, video, typed story, etc.) and share it to the Official Olympic group. 
      • Each post much be clearly titled with which # event you have completed in order to earn the appropriate points. 
      • Each event may only be completed once. 
      • Extra points will be awarded for humor! Make us laugh! 
  4. Earn yourself some additional points by commenting on the posts of fellow RiverBank Oympians! (Each comment will be awarded 1 extra point.) 
  5. The Water Trust staff will remove anyone in the group who is being disrespectful or not following the rules.

Closing ceremonies will begin on September 21st at 5pm. All event posts must be submitted prior to this deadline. 

Click here to join the Facebook groupClick here to register in OneCause

2021 Olympic Events



1. Leave a positive comment on someone else’s event post



2. Introduce yourself! Tell us a little about who you are and how you know about the Water Trust.



3. Sign up for the Water Trust newsletter

4. Take your pet to a nearby river

5. Have a beer from one of our brewery friends (Woods Boss, Great Divide, Horse and Dragon, Avery, Ninkasi, and Storm Peak)

6. Visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

7. Read up on your Colorado Water Law (we’ll leave this one up to you for photo proof)

8. Go for a hike in Colorado

9. Post a picture from a previous RiverBank

10. Strike a pose near one of our projects 

11. Post a picture skiing/snowboarding

12. Share your favorite Water Trust project and why

13. Follow us on Instagram 

14. Learn something new about Colorado water and share it with the group



15. Hike a 14er

16. Try our beer with Storm Peak Brewery, “The Yampa is the Essence of Wetness”

17. Take a dip on the 15-Mile Reach, Yampa, or Cache la Poudre

18. Rock some Water Trust gear

19. Fish on a Colorado river

20. Share a water-themed poem or piece of art you’ve created

21. Post a short video sharing about what you love about rivers

22. Post a photo of yourself and a fellow RiverBank Olympian



23. Join our monthly donor program, the Tributaries! 

24. Sign up to volunteer for this year’s RiverBank

25. Grab a friend and pick up some trash along your local river

26. Post a video about what you love about being a tributary

27. Go rafting, paddle boarding, or kayaking in Colorado

28. Share a photo of yourself and one of our Water Trust staff or board members

29. Get three friends to sign up for the Water Trust newsletter




    • Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 55L
    • Assorted beers from our sponsors
    • Colorado Water Trust Eddie Baur fishing shirt
    • Colorado Water Trust hat


    • Assorted beers from our sponsors
    • Colorado Water Trust Eddie Baur fishing shirt
    • Colorado Water Trust camping cup


    • Assorted beers from our sponsors
    • Colorado Water Trust hat