July is Tributaries Month!

And it’s our 20th Anniversary! So to celebrate, we are having a very special Tributaries Month this year!

First off, $20 for 20! That means if you join, or increase, your donations to give $20 or more per month, you will get a very special limited edition Colorado Water Trust 20th Anniversary Trucker Hat! (Those who join under that level will still receive a super awesome Colorado Water Trust Beanie!)

Second, in appreciation of our Tributaries community, we are hosting a number of thank you happy hours in Denver, Fort Collins, and Steamboat! Scroll down for more details.

Third, for those of you who want to go all in on supporting your favorite river, we are launching our River Stewards Program! This program allows our generous donors, who give $100 or more each month, to pick one project (or river) to directly steward. If you are interested in sponsoring one river or project, please read more information below or email Collin.

Happy Tributaries month! We are excited to restore flows to our rivers in need with you (they especially need the help this year)!

We invite you to join our Tributaries program, for $5 or more a month, and be a part of our community.

Help us meet our goal of 15 new Tributaries in July!

Out of 15


We have brand new, special edition, 20th Anniversary Hats!

Flylow Gear created a special hat just for you! Just join or increase your gifts to $20 or more per month to qualify for your hat! You would look pretty awesome with one…


River Stewards

We are proud to announce our River Stewards program! Through this program, our Tributaries giving $100 or more each month can choose to direct their generous gifts toward one river or project. Simply let Collin know if you are interested in the program.


Some perks can include (you can decide what’s best for you when you sign up); your name listed as a sponsor on our project page, personalized updates on the project’s progress, social media or newsletter recognition, or even an opportunity to get a personal tour of the project with us (depending on the project).


Click here to see our projects map for a list of our projects and where they are located!

Click here to join!Click here to email Collin with questions

Tributaries Month Events

Denver- Woods Boss Brewing

July 15th

We had a great Tributaries get together IN PERSON at Woods Boss Brewery with a few beers, live music, and great conversation!

Spirit Hound Distillers

October 6, 2022

Tributaries get free tickets!


Fort Collins- Horse and Dragon Brewing


Past Events

Virtual cooking class

June 3rd, 2021

Spice up your weeknight cooking and join us for a virtual cooking class led by Collin Hiew! The event will be a fun way to learn a new recipe and to connect with fellow Tributaries across the state. 

Past Events

water trust wine tasting

February 18, 2021

Our Tributaries participated in a virtual wine tasting! We tasted five fabulous wines with our friends at Bookcliff Vineyards, a local Colorado winery near our 15-Mile Reach project. It was so much fun to virtually get to know all of our new members!





When two bodies of water, or tributaries, join together, they transform into something bigger and stronger. This is why our monthly donors are our Tributaries, people who come together to make our rivers stronger and healthier. For $5, $10, $20, or more per month, you can become a Tributary and sustain your rivers.

Become a Tributary



Besides helping out Colorado’s rivers, what else is special about our Tributaries? They receive:



Access to exclusive events






Exclusive updates to keep you in the loop about our work and Colorado’s rivers







Day trips to amazing field sites with our rock-star team






Recognition on our website and in our annual report



Have questions about becoming a Tributary or attending an event?

Get in Touch.


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Development Associate/Operations Manager























1. A river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake
2. A monthly donor to Colorado Water Trust

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