Water Trust Writing Contest: A Little Creek

A Little Creek, by Olivia Hall, was one of the 2024 Water Trust Writing Contest youth winners.

A Little Creek

Olivia Hall

As the Colorado River flows hard and fast, a little stream breaks apart and flows down the grass. It creates a small creek that hides in the fairytale-like wood. The small fish dance in the gleaming water. The fawn peeks from around the green brush. The dragonfly pirouettes around the dazzling sunlight, alight on silken wings. The great willow dips down hiding the enchanted place from those who don’t look hard enough.

See the creek herself. Blue as the day sky, and clear as sea glass. Revealing her hidden wonders of smooth river rock, glimmering fish, and swaying fronds. Look for the fairy-sized shells, drawn from the river here. The small creek is merely a piece of the river, and the forest. But small as it may be, sometimes it is the fairy things that are the most precious as is our duty to protect it.

About the author: Olivia Hall (6th grade) lives in Wellington, Colorado with her family. She loves rivers because of the surrounding ecosystem they provide, like the animals and plants. She is an aspiring author and loves to write any chance she gets.