Why I joined Colorado Water Trust’s Board of Directors

By Michelle Johnson

I am very excited to join the Board of Directors of the Colorado Water Trust. I joined the Board of Directors because I strongly believe (on a personal and professional level) in Colorado Water Trust’s core mission to restore flows to Colorado’s rivers in need. As a water resources engineer, I understand the need for water to sustain life and local economies, but I believe it is also important to balance the use of our precious water resources in a sustainable manner that maintains healthy rivers.

As an avid outdoor recreationalist and environmentalist, I appreciate and enjoy Colorado’s rivers and streams for their beauty, the activities they support, and for providing fish and wildlife habitat.

I am impressed with the individuals that make up the Board of Directors and the staff of the Colorado Water Trust. The Board of Directors includes a diverse array of individuals consisting of attorneys, engineers, ranchers, directors, and fellows with representation from all over Colorado.

I appreciate that Colorado Water Trust is innovative and collaborative in its approach and uses novel legal and administrative tools to share water efficiently between users and the environment, creating win-win solutions. Since its inception in 2001, Colorado Water Trust has worked with over 50 program partners and has implemented 22 streamflow restoration projects on both large rivers and small streams throughout Colorado. These projects have returned over 62,000 acre-feet of water (or 16.8 billion gallons) to nearly 600 miles of Colorado’s rivers and streams.

While Colorado Water Trust has already accomplished a lot, it has a new ambitious strategic plan to increase the volume of water restored to rivers and to do so to more rivers. My role as a Board member is to support Colorado Water Trust in achieving these lofty goals. With that in mind, will you consider joining me in supporting Colorado Water Trust with a year-end gift? Your dollars will travel far across this state, restoring healthy flows to rivers and streams throughout Colorado.

Give to Colorado’s rivers today!

Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Colorado Water Trust
Board Member