A special announcement from Colorado Water Trust

Dear Colorado Water Trust Friends and Supporters –

I am excited to share that Anne Castle, who has served as the Colorado Water Trust Board President since 2020, has been appointed by President Biden to serve as the Federal Commissioner of the Upper Colorado River Commission. As the Commission’s chair, Anne will work to ensure the appropriate allocation of water from the Colorado River to the Upper Division States, promote interstate comity, remove causes of present and future controversies, and assure the storage of water and agricultural and industrial development of the Upper Basin.

These are the most critical and challenging times that we have seen on the Colorado River since the development of the 1922 Compact. Efforts to solve these challenges will benefit greatly from Anne’s leadership, experience, and passion. The work ahead will demand her full attention and energy, and, as such, she will resign as President of the Colorado Water Trust Board.

We have been so fortunate to have had Anne’s wisdom and expertise at our fingertips. Her leadership was essential to the success of many Colorado Water Trust flow restoration projects. Please join us in congratulating Anne, wishing her well as she embarks on this work that is so vital to Colorado, and thanking her for her contribution to Colorado Water Trust. We are proud and grateful.

I have had the privilege of serving as the Vice President of the Colorado Water Trust Board during Anne’s Presidency, and with her resignation, I am stepping into her very large shoes as President of the Board. I have been an active member of the Colorado Water Trust Board since 2014, I am dedicated to our work, and I couldn’t be more excited and honored to serve in this role.

Colorado Water Trust is thriving. Our team is invigorated as we prepare to implement our newly adopted Strategic Plan, which we will announce very soon. These are challenging times for all of Colorado’s rivers. Colorado Water Trust will lead and innovate just as we have done for the last 21 years. We are grateful for your commitment and support, and we are so excited to continue our work with you to keep Colorado’s rivers flowing.

Emily Hunt
Emily Hunt
Colorado Water Trust
Board President


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