About Us

colorado water trust’s mission is to restore flow to colorado’s rivers in need.

We are a home-grown, statewide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Since 2001, we’ve restored 20.82 billion gallons of water to 600 miles of rivers and streams across the state. We work collaboratively with our partners so that our projects benefit both the people we work with and our rivers.

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The benefits of our projects extend beyond just rivers:

  • Improving the natural environment by protecting fish and other wildlife.
  • Supporting agricultural communities by providing water sharing opportunities.
  • Bolstering local economies that depend on healthy rivers for fishing, kayaking, tubing, and rafting.
  • Enhancing the Colorado landscapes and lifestyles that we all cherish and enjoy.

We all depend on rivers

“The Colorado River runs through the heart of my family ranch near Kremmling, where I live and work and which supports our family ranch and fly-fishing business. The river is my family’s livelihood, just as it is for thousands of ranchers and farmers, and recreation business owners on other rivers across the state. Colorado Water Trust helps our rivers and water users find solutions, and for this reason, they are some of the most effective river stewards in our state.”


Paul Bruchez

Reeder Creek Ranch, Board Member of Colorado Water Trust

Photograph by Russ Schnitzer

Watch these 3-minute videos about our work: