Racial Equity and Inclusion

Colorado Water Trust’s Mission is to restore flow to Colorado’s rivers in need. We acknowledge that water truly nourishes everything and everyone, and we commit to executing our mission in a way that advances Racial Equity and Inclusivity.

Our approach to this commitment is dynamic and expanding, and currently consists of the following principles and actions:

  • Committing as an organization to dismantling racist systems.

  • Incorporating Racial Equity and Inclusion (REI) at all levels of our organization. This includes in our strategic plan, policies, communications, projects, membership outreach and development, partnerships, and organizational leadership.

  • Inclusion of criteria in the CWT’s project selection analyses that evaluate impacts of proposed projects on underrepresented communities.

  • Supporting and encouraging CWT staff and Board members to pursue REI action.
    • The CWT provides staff with paid time off for volunteer service, and encourages staff to volunteer with organizations that work towards REI.
  • Participating in activities that embrace and advance REI principles in the broader Colorado water community.

  • Maintaining a standing REI Committee composed of CWT Board members and CWT staff.

As we pursue this work, we commit to:

  • Acknowledging mistakes. If we take enough risks, we will fail sometimes. Own it. Learn and grow.
  • Listening. We would love to hear from you. Please help us grow and let us know how we are doing.
  • Transparency & accountability. Visit this page often to watch our progress.