Strategic Plan

Our current three-year strategic plan was implemented in 2019 during a time of change for the Colorado water world. Demand for water in our rivers has been growing every year, but the snowpack that feeds them has become less and less reliable. The result is a shifting landscape in how Coloradans manage and take care of our rivers.

Taking into account the changing nature of water in Colorado and feedback from our partner organizations, we set out four main goals for the three year period.

Project Selection Prioritization:
First, we aim to be more efficient and effective in selecting our new projects. We strive to be the best possible stewards of the funding we receive and take our role restoring water to rivers and streams seriously; and that means selecting projects where we can be the most effective.

Engaging in Policy:
Second, due to the changing political landscape in Colorado, we will, on a case by case basis, be active in the Colorado water policy world in a manner that helps us achieve our mission of enhancing streamflow restoration opportunities, focusing on those that benefit the water user and the environment. Since our founding, we have done our best to remain apart from politics, but we now find there are areas that affect our ability to deliver on our mission.

Building Support:
Third, we are a nonprofit and we rely upon the generous support of our donors to keep our rivers flowing. But as we expand our reach to meet the needs of all of Colorado’s rivers, we will need to continue to grow our support and provide consistent, reliable funds. We aim to establish a thriving planned giving program to provide sustainable funding for our future.

Reaching Further:
Finally, as Colorado Water Trust expands our reach throughout the state, we need to educate. Our work demands that we reach out to communities across the entire state of Colorado, if we are to truly restore flows to all of our rivers in need. This means we will expand our outreach to communities that we have not previously worked in, to let people know they have options for helping out their rivers and their communities.

While these goals represent our primary focus, our additional goals focus on increased resources, improved communications, expanded fundraising programs, streamlined business operations and maintaining our talented, happy and hard-working team members. It’s an exciting time at Colorado Water Trust, and we’re ready to seize opportunities and tackle the challenges ahead as we work for a sustainable water future for Colorado.

This is our work: to restore flows to Colorado’s rivers in need. We will continue to provide leadership and offer our expertise to projects that achieve our vision. Because we know that when rivers are healthy, everyone benefits, from wildlife, to people, to businesses, to communities and far beyond.