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One of the things I love about my job is meeting all of our donors, who loyally support the Water Trust in its mission to support Colorado’s rivers and streams in the era of climate change-driven stress. Because our projects often (usually!) take multiple years to come to fruition, it takes a special kind of foresight to drive this organization forward financially, to give it the resources it needs to see its vision become reality. But there is an even more exclusive group, who can see in decades ahead rather than years: Our Forever Flow Society members.

What’s Underway at the Water Trust

Happy Summer Friends! Life is surely full of challenges right now. I don’t think any of us could have expected we would spend our 2020 summer dealing with wildfires, drought, and such extreme heat on top of a pandemic. The good news is – Colorado Water Trust is working hard and making some positive impacts on our environment across Colorado, just as we always do.
We wanted to share our successes with you so you can feel good about the important work that you make possible – boosting flows in rivers in need across our beautiful state.

The Power of Trust in Colorado Water Law

In a world of seemingly increasing ideological divides, we are a confluence (pun intended). We bring people together to help rivers. Sometimes these people have been on opposite sides of the water aisles for decades. But because we’ve spent years developing people’s trust in us, we can bring them to meet at the same table because every one of us shares in the desire to see our rivers flowing.