Checking in on the Peabody No. 1 Ditch

Gorgeous Summit County scenery surrounds the Slate Creek Ranch - Scott Hummer

During a trip to the Western Slope, Scott Hummer took a brief detour to visit the Mosers and the Slate Creek Ranch. Scott observed the condition of the Peabody No. 1 Ditch, the associated infrastructure, and Boulder Creek to be sure that the two water rights from the Peabody No. 1 Ditch were indeed flowing down Boulder Creek for instream flow use. According to Scott’s observations, the ditch is not and has not been in use since the water diversions ceased in the 2000 water year. Twelve years later, rocks, shrubs, grass, and logs are filling portions of the ditch, providing evidence that the infrastructure is no longer in use. The CWT staff will continue to monitor conditions on the ground in the future.