Colorado Water Trust Launches Rebrand!

Since 2001, Colorado Water Trust has restored over 20 billion gallons of water to 600 miles of Colorado’s rivers and streams. Upon our founding, water transactions for environmental benefit were controversial and there were many skeptics of their viability. It took over a decade of tireless outreach and negotiations to prove it was possible and start implementing projects that restored water to rivers.

We stand at the beginning of a new era. Coloradans see clearly the impact climate change and population growth has had on our rivers. We read and hear about compact compliance and federal regulations and know we are in a time of grave concern for the west’s water future. In Colorado, water transactions for environmental benefit are gaining quickly in importance and regularity. Five years ago, an offer of water at Colorado Water Trust was rare. Today, our staff are fielding inquiries with increasing frequency. Colorado is changing, and Colorado Water Trust aims to help turn the tide.

We are scaling up our impact, implementing visionary solutions for low-flowing rivers, instituting new programs, bringing more people together, and spreading out our team across the state. As we enter this new stage of growth, our Board and Staff decided it was time to modernize our brand. We revamped our mission statement, created a new vision and values statements, designed a bright and colorful logo and brand, and constructed a brand-new website. After nearly a year of effort and thoughtful consideration, we present to you a renewed Colorado Water Trust.


We invite you to join us in celebrating our hard work which we couldn’t have done without the support of our community.

Consider doing your part for Colorado’s rivers and returning the amount of water you use in your household annually to Colorado’s rivers and streams with myRiver Balance:

And we hope to see you all at RiverBank this year!