Emma’s Farewell

Emma's Farewell

I first discovered Colorado Water Trust in the summer of 2020 as I was preparing to enter my final year of university. I had a desire to put my studies of climate change and conservation into action, but no clue what that would look like or where to start. As I read about the Water Trust’s projects I was immediately inspired by the innovative and necessary work they were doing, and when the offer arose to join the team as a communications intern I accepted enthusiastically.

Looking back, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and no idea that this opportunity would ever lead to a full time position upon my graduation. I had little understanding of the true magnitude of impact this organization has, not just on Colorado’s rivers, but its diverse ecosystems and communities. It has been a remarkable experience to dive into this world and to grow a deeper appreciation for the vital role our rivers play in connecting us to our environment and one another. 

I cannot imagine a better place to have begun my career. Seeing the real and growing impact the Water Trust has on our rivers, in a time when they need us most, has been truly humbling and is something I am so proud to be a part of. The innovative and important work this organization does, coupled with the driven, kind, and passionate people that make up our team has made the last few years an absolute joy and has made my job doing outreach for the organization a breeze. To be frank, it is pretty hard to oversell the value of this work and why it matters not only for our rivers, but all of us. 

With this in mind, it is bittersweet to share that I am stepping away from my role here and moving into the next phase of my career. As I take this step, I hold close to me the knowledge I have gained through my time here, a deep passion for the protection and stewardship of our rivers, and the many wonderful relationships I have developed. 

I must extend gratitude to all the wonderful partners I have collaborated with over these past few years, to all those I have had the pleasure of connecting with at events, and to the Tributaries. Your interest in and support of this organization is so valuable to our mission and vision of a future where our rivers thrive and continue to support communities all across Colorado. I’d also like to share an abundance of appreciation for my incredible colleagues and our fantastic Board of Directors. Your dedication to this work has inspired me to no end and I look forward to celebrating your continued success. 

Cheers to you all and the incredible rivers that bring us together!