Meet Danielle Synder, Water Transactions Coordinator


My name is Danielle Snyder, and I am very excited to join the Colorado Water Trust crew as a Water Transactions Coordinator. I will be helping the Water Trust’s Program Team evaluate, develop, implement, and steward flow restoration projects throughout Colorado.

Having lived and explored Colorado for over 20 years, immersing myself in its communities, rivers, canyons, plains, forests, and mountains, I have fostered a deep sense of place and belonging here. This connection drives me to actively contribute to the stewardship of Colorado’s natural resources and the resilience of its communities. The Water Trust’s mission of restoring water to Colorado’s Rivers, aimed at supporting our ecosystems, communities, and local economies, truly aligns with my values and interests.

I have been working in Colorado water resources community since 2015. Starting as a water resource analyst for the City of Greeley, I managed Greeley’s water rights portfolio, granting me invaluable insights into water rights operations. Subsequently, I sought to enhance my technical ability in water resources during my tenure at Brown and Caldwell, where I worked in consulting. I am happy about stepping into this new role at the Water Trust, as it allows me to utilize the skills I’ve gained in my career to help Colorado’s rivers and streams in need.

The Water Trust’s reputation in the water community due to its dedicated staff, knowledgeable board, commitment to equity and inclusivity, and trusted partners is one that I am proud to be part of. While I recognize there’s a learning curve ahead, I am enthusiastic about playing a part in the Water Trust’s mission of pursuing fair and market-based solutions for streamflow restoration in Colorado.

I currently live in Durango and enjoy exploring the Southwest. In my free time I love to travel, play outside, practice ceramics, learn new things (surfing!!), and read.

If you have any questions about engaging in a water transaction, please reach out!

Danielle Snyder
Water Transactions Coordinator
Phone: 720.570.2897 Ext. 7