Meet Zack Alberts, Legal Intern

My name is Zack, and I am excited to join Colorado Water Trust as a Legal Intern this summer!

My passion for preserving Colorado’s rivers stems from my background in guiding, education, and recreation. While studying at Indiana University, I spent summers guiding in Alaska, where I immersed myself in the pristine beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by Alaska’s glacial peaks and fjords, I developed a profound appreciation for environmental stewardship and the interconnectedness that rivers provide to our natural world.

Following the currents from Alaska to Oregon and finally to Colorado, I transitioned from guiding to pursuing water policy as a law student in 2022 at the University of Denver. My education underscored the importance of community in water management, highlighting Colorado Water Trust’s pivotal role in uniting irrigators, policymakers, and environmental advocates. Currently, I am honored to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the University of Denver Water Law Review.

Colorado has truly become my home over the past few years, and whether I’m summiting a Colorado 14er or scaling rocks in Clear Creek Canyon, my heart is always drawn to the river! I am thrilled to be here working for the Water Trust and am privileged to collaborate with such dedicated and supportive individuals who are committed to preserving this extraordinary state.

Zack Alberts
Legal Intern