BRUCE CARTA: Trust Deserves Credit

On behalf of the Yampa Valley Flyfishers (YVFF) Chapter of Trout Unlimited and its 249 members, I would like to thank the Colorado Water Trust for once again supplementing late season flows in the upper Yampa River. The timely release of water rented by the Trust in Stagecoach Reservoir has significantly improved the health of the fishery in and around Steamboat Springs.

This summer, locals and visitors report some of the best fishing in memory. There are numerous large, healthy trout in the upper Yampa. On most days, anglers report catching numerous trout of different size and age class. There also seem to be more native mountain white fish in the river than in the past. All signs indicate the fishery in the upper Yampa River is as good as it has been in a long time.

The Trust deserves much of the credit for the current condition of the Yampa. If not for Trust’s commitment to augment natural flows over the past few years, the fishery would have suffered. The Yampa Valley Flyfishers want to thank you and your Board for that commitment.

We also want to encourage the Trust to continue working with its partners in northwest Colorado to secure a long-term source of water to maintain a healthy Yampa River in Routt and Moffat Counties.

Bruce Carta

President, Yampa Valley Fly Fishers

Trout Unlimited Chapter

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Bruce Carta
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