‘Poudre River alternative’ steals the spotlight at Thornton pipeline hearing

…Thornton officials propose adding water to the Poudre in another way: Through the Poudre Flows project, a joint effort by Thornton, Fort Collins, Greeley, Northern Water, the Colorado Water Trust and other groups. The plan would allow water users to lend water to stretches of the Poudre before diverting it downstream. Thornton has committed to contributing up to 3,000 acre-feet annually to the project.

That contribution would improve Poudre flows by 4 percent to 32 percent during periods when the river is running below state-defined “preservation thresholds,” said Emily Hunt, Thornton’s water resources manager. Together, she said, water contributions from a range of users could address dry-up spots on the Poudre during “shoulder seasons” when the river runs low.

“This problem is not solved by one entity or one water right,” she said…

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Jacy Marmaduke
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