Project Completed


San Miguel River – CCC Ditch

CCC Ditch infrastructure improvements restored flows to the San Miguel River
1500 linear feet of the San Miguel River have been restored by this collaborative project, improving river connectivity, fish migration and sediment transport

How Did This Project Come to Us?:

Colorado Water Trust became a partner in a decade-long project to support an important stretch of the river, below the CCC Ditch diversion dam, which would historically go dry when the flow of the river dropped below 150 cfs. 

Tools Used:

Installation of a fish ladder and low flow channel. This new infrastructure installed on the dam, allows the stream to remain flowing, even in periods of low flow, supporting fish and overall river health.

Project Partners:

CCC Ditch, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, Southwestern Water Conservation District, Colorado Water Conservation Board, The Telluride Foundation, The Walton Family Foundation, San Miguel Watershed Coalition, Flywater Inc (Project Consultants)

Project Years:

This project was completed in 2011. 


See the impact of the project: 

CCC Ditch Diversion Dam Before Deconstruction
Machinery begins removing pieces of the dam
A fish ladder and low flow channel are installed
The river now flows freely through this reach of the San Miguel