Alamosa River – Terrace Reservoir


The Alamosa River Watershed Restoration Master Plan and Environmental Assessment, created to support the river and the watershed after it had been affected by low flows and contamination, brought on Colorado Water Trust as a technical consultant for water rights and instream flow information in 2008.


Permanent Projects

Alamosa Riverkeeper used mitigation funding to purchase water rights diverted from the Alamosa River, and donated the water for permanent enrollment in the State’s Instream Flow Program. Every year, the water rights are stored in Terrace Reservoir and released to keep the river flowing in November, where it was historically dry prior to the project’s implementation.


Alamosa RIVERKEEPER, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Terrace Irrigation Company, Colorado Parks and Wildlife


Through 2023, the Terrace Reservoir Project has restored over

Billion gallons

Acre-feet of water to the Alamosa River.


Implemented in 2015, this project permanently restores water to the Alamosa River.