Boulder Creek And The Blue River – Peabody No. 1 Ditch


Ranchers, Jeannette and Howard Moser, were introduced to Colorado Water Trust through a local water commissioner, Scott Hummer. They were beginning to scale back their operations and wanted to find a way to ensure their water rights would help keep their local river protected.


Permanent Projects

This project was Colorado Water Trust’s first project and first use of a market-based water transaction for the environment. We worked with the Colorado Water Conservation board to change the use of two of the ranch’s water rights to Instream Flow use, compensated the Mosers for their water, and permanently bolstered flows on fourteen miles of Boulder Creek and the Blue River.


Colorado Water Conservation Board, Jeannette and Howard Moser

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Through 2023, the Peabody No. 1 Ditch Project has restored over

Billion gallons

Acre-feet of water to Boulder Creek and the Blue River.


Implemented in 2011, this project permanently restores water to Boulder Creek and the Blue River