Fraser River Tributaries Project – Skunk Creek


In 2015, after the Colorado Water Trust received the first approval of an SB-19 Water Conservation Program on Willow Creek, another Grand County, Colorado water user reached out to us. The water user read about the Willow Creek project in a local newspaper and wanted to see if their water rights could help the Fraser River. Water Conservation Programs address existing Colorado water laws that encourage people to “use it or lose it” by allowing water users to keep their water in the river without injury to their water rights.


Loans & Leases

This SB-19 Water Conservation Program allows the water user to cease diversions during low flow conditions for up to 5 years in any 10 year period without penalty to their water rights, boosting flows in Skunk Creek, Pole Creek, Crooked Creek, and the Fraser River.


Anonymous water user, Bonneville Environmental Foundation


Through 2023, the Fraser Tributaries project has restored

Million gallons

Acre-feet of water to the Fraser River and its tributaries.