Washington Gulch – Breem Ditch


A new owner of senior water rights on the river reached out to our team, hoping together we could develop a solution that would prevent this important river from drying up in mid-July each year.


Permanent Projects

The location of a water user’s irrigation diversion was moved three miles downstream to the Slate River. This allows water to flow through almost four miles of the river that historically dried up, offering important benefits to the ecosystem, before going on to support downstream beneficial use and the town of Crested Butte.


Colorado Water Conservation Board, Skyland Metropolitan District, Verzuh Ranch

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Through 2023, the Breem Ditch Project has restored over

Million gallons

Acre-feet of water to Washington Gulch and the Slate River.


Implemented in 2014, this project has permanently restored water to low flow areas of Washington Gulch