Willow Creek – Cottonwood Confluence


Owners of an irrigation ditch water rights worked in partnership with Colorado Water Trust to create a plan to boost streamflow and maintain the fishery in times of low flow.


Loans & Leases

As the first use of a Water Conservation Program under Senate Bill 13-19, this project allows two irrigation ditches to cease diversions during low flow conditions for up to 5 years in any 10 year period without penalty to their water rights. In addition, because there are no other diverters immediately downstream, that additional water helps to keep Willow Creek connected to the Colorado River. In turn, flows on over 4 miles of the upper Colorado are sustained, keeping the river healthy for fish and other wildlife.


Cottonwood Confluence, LLC, Bonneville Environmental Foundation


Through 2023, over

Million gallons

Acre-feet of water has been restored to Willow Creek and the Colorado River.


2015 - 2025