Request for Water Process

Each year in January, Colorado Water Trust and the Colorado Water Conservation Board launch the annual Request for Water Process. This process offers a streamlined approach to water transactions to benefit the environment on streams throughout the state. We invite water rights owners to explore options to use their water rights for streamflow restoration purposes.

Voluntary water sharing arrangements or voluntary acquisitions of senior water rights, on a temporary or permanent basis, can help restore flows to rivers in need, sustain agriculture, and maximize beneficial uses of Colorado’s water.

The Request for Water Process has several goals:

  • To invite voluntary water offers from willing water rights owners to benefit streamflows
  • To provide a user-friendly mechanism for water rights owners to explore working with CWCB and the Colorado Water Trust on water acquisitions and transactions that will benefit the natural environment
  • To streamline transaction processes and utilization of resources
  • To facilitate implementation of Colorado’s Water Plan objectives
  • To add flows to river segments in need while coordinating with agricultural and other water uses

This Process is confidential, completely voluntary and open to all water right owners, including agricultural, municipal, industrial, or other users.

Preliminary offers of water are due June 30, 2022.


For questions or for more information, send an email to or call 720-570-2897.

The Request for Water Process Timeline:

Request for Water Process Timeline

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