Video Released Highlighting Cache la Poudre River Restoration Project

The Josh Ames Diversion Dam Deconstruction Project has been a key component of a larger North Shields Ponds Natural Area riparian restoration project developed by the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department. A time-lapse video, created by the Natural Areas Department, showcases the removal of the Josh Ames Diversion Dam from the Cache la Poudre River. The Colorado Water Trust worked with structural engineer Tara Schutter of Tessara Water, LLC, to plan and manage deconstruction of the diversion dam. The Natural Areas Department contracted with a number of specialists to have the Cache la Poudre River’s unnaturally steep and high banks lowered and graded, reconnecting the river to the natural floodplain. Wetland and habitat restoration further improved the river corridor and the surrounding North Shields Ponds Natural Area. Access to the river has been improved making it a beautiful site to visit.